games - 3 years old


Red light/Green light: Explain that each colour represents and action: RED= STOP, YELLOW= GO SLOW, GREEN= GO FAST. Show the children a colour and name a form of transport. The children must act out that form of transport in a certain way depending on the colour that is shown.

Simon Says: Teacher says “Simon says jump…” and the students must do what Simon says. If the teacher doesn’t say: “Simon says” the students must stay frozen. **More difficult: divide kids into two groups: For e.g.: boys and girls. Say different actions for each group: “Simon says boys jump, Simon says girl sit down”.

Put your nose on your: This game can be quite fun and silly for young kids. The teacher must get the students to put their nose on different parts of their body: “Put your nose on your knee, on your toes….”

Who is missing: Children sit in a circle and the teacher places family toys or puppets in the middle of the circle. The students must then close their eyes and the teacher will take one toy out of the centre. The students then open their eyes and name who is missing.