songs - 6 years old


Bad day

Because you had a bad day

You're taking one down

You sing a sad song just to turn it around

You say you don't know

You tell me don't lie

You work on a smile

And you go for a ride

You had a bad day

The camera don't lie

You're coming back down and you really don't mind

You had a bad day 

You had a bad day


If you are 

Jullie Doolie


If you’re kind and friendly 

give a helping hand

If you’re mean you look ugly 

like the boogieman

If you are polite

say “Thank you!”

If you are rude

shout  “Boo!”


If you’re greedy eat your candy like a bear 

If you are generous

always share

If you are strong and brave

wish a monster “Good day!”

If you are weak and scared

run away


Thumbs up if you’re good

Thumbs down if you’re bad

To the ground if you’re sad

Dance  around   if you’re glad


Thumbs up, thumbs down, 

to the ground, dance  around



If you are bossy

be the leader

If you are obedient

say “Yes, sir!”

If you are extrovert

talk and flirt

If you are shy

don’t say a word


If you are hardworking

work hard and sweat

If you are lazy

stay in bed 

If you are  clever

say “Aha!”

If you are silly

sing “Lalalalalalala!”              



Let's Play

Jullie Doolie


Let's play tennis on a tennis court

I like tennis, I like sports

Take off your jacket and swing your racket 


Let's go swimming in a pool

I like swimming after school

Put on a cap, tuck hair in

123, dive in!


Let's play baseball on a field

See the ball spin like a wheel

Swing the bat and run, baseball is fun!


Let's play basketball on a court

Ball through the basket, that's a score

Players are tall, bounce the ball


Let's play ice hockey in a rink

Skating fast no time to think

Swing the stick and go, it's a goal!


Let's play rugby on a pitch

Let me see good rugby tricks

Kick or carry the ball, tackle and fall


Let's go ice skating in the rink

In the cold, cheeks get pink

Skates sliding on ice, skating is nice!


Let's go cycling on a track

Up and down and zigzag

Ride your bicycle faster

If you win, you are the master


People are working

Joolie Doolie


All the people in the country or city

are always busy

working, working

I look around and I get dizzy

people are working while I sing

There goes the postman delivering mail

Policeman puts bad boys in jail

Fireman turns fire into ash

Business man, wallet full of cash

Hey teacher don't give too much homework

Doctor, see you when my head hurts

Farmer, raising chicken and cows

Football player goals and people shout


Scientist experimenting

Artist is painting

Lawyer is a serious man

Office worker never gets a tan

Shop assistant, I need new clothes to wear

Hairdresser, can you do my hair?

Mechanic, you dropped your screwdriver

Cook, you forgot salt and pepper!!! 


Postman, Policeman, Fireman, Business man, teacher, doctor, farmer, football player, scientist, artist, office worker, shop assistant, hairdresser, mechanic, cook.



Running around in the playground

Lisa Caruso & co.

I got out of bed, it was sunny, it was warm
I walked to the park and swung on the swings
My grandma, she said to take a ball and some drinks
And don’t forget your jumper it gets cool under the trees

What a lovely day, it’s baking hot

Still there is a cool breeze, It’s not raining cats and dogs

It’s a little windy but that means I can fly my kite

I love it when it’s breezy, but it makes my grandma sleepy

Running around in the playground
Sitting in the sand pit making snow balls
Running around in the playground
Making lots of friends before it gets cold and we need to go

It turned cold really fast, so we started to pack up
And then it started sprinkling, it got chilly really quickly
I asked my grandma will it storm and then lightning struck
We have shelter now it’s raining! Oh my gosh, now it’s hailing!

Then it stops...

What a lovely day….


It’s clearing up, can we stay? Can we stay?
Foggy days are over; can we run around and play?