SongS - 7 years old


Passport Song

Jullie Doolie

Now’s my time to fly away

In this place I cannot stay

I want to see the world today

I’m going to the airport

I’m jumping on some transport

I’m going to stamp my passport


Hey there Mr. taxi man,

can’t you see I got a plan

I’m going to stamp my passport

I’ll take you to the airport,

get you on some transport,

so you can stamp your passport


Mexico, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro

I’m going to stamp my passport

Bombay, Santa Fe, Milky Way, anyway

I’m going to stamp my passport



If you are

Jullie Doolie

If you’re kind and friendly 

give a helping hand

If you’re mean you look ugly 

like the boogieman

If you are polite

say “Thank you!”

If you are rude

shout  “Boo!”


If you’re greedy

eat your candy like a bear 

If you are generous

always share

if you are strong and brave

wish a monster “Good day!”

If you are weak and scared

run away


Thumbs up if you’re good

Thumbs down if you’re bad

To the ground if you’re sad

Dance  around   if you’re glad


Thumbs up, thumbs down, 

to the ground, dance  around



If you are bossy

be the leader

If you are obedient

say “Yes, sir!”

If you are extrovert

talk and flirt

If you are shy

don’t say a word


If you are hardworking

work hard and sweat

If you are lazy

stay in bed 

If you are  clever

say “Aha!”

If you are silly

                sing “Lalalalalalala!”               



It Takes Two to Tango

Jullie Doolie


We can be leaders or followers, friends or foes

But it always takes two to tango

A girlfriend and boyfriend are dancing in the moonlight


They want to have a house, two kids 

And be a husband and wife

"Freeze!" shouts the police and the thief runs for his life

He is scared like a patient under the surgeon's knife


It takes two to tango

Two is the number you need

For one to follow

And the other one to lead


A parent is scolding a naughty child

A pet owner is running after a pet gone wild

A boss is angry when the employees are late

A director tells the actors to concentrate


On the red carpet a movie star strikes a pose

While a fan is going crazy taking photos

A politician puts on a smile to get a citizen's vote

A servant is always ready to get his master's coat