Song 8 years old


Transport Song

I ride a bicycle
I love my bicycle
It has a bell that says ring ring
a bicycle bell says ring ring

I take the bus
I sit in the bus
and I sing la la la
I sing la la la
in the bus la la la la la
I sing

I drive a car
I love my car
I honk the horn peep peep peep (x2)
in my car
peep peep peep I honk the horn

I drive a tractor
big wheel tractor
and I grow corn, mmm yummy
corn, in my tractor yum yum yum
I eat corn

I drive a truck
a big fat truck
all day I drive ... 
I drive
My truck I drive

I'm flying on an airplane,
I love my airplane,
I touch the clouds I go up and down

I ride a motorcycle
I love my motorcycle
It goes really fast.... on the road
motorcycle on the road

I row a boat
I love my boat
On water I float.... Oh no! A Shark!!!

taxi, taxi…

I'm on a train
I'm on a train
The Shark is far away
I'm on train