SongS - 8 years old


What? What do you say?

Jullie Doolie


Do you talk and speak? Always, always

Do you like to eat? Often, often

Do you brush your teeth? Sometimes, sometimes…

What? Yeah, sometimes.


What? What do you say?

Where, why, who and when?

Don’t you brush your teeth every day?

I said sometimes, three times a day.


Do you look stylish? Always, always

Do you eat liquorice? Rarely, rarely

Do you hit and scream? Hardly ever…

What? Hardly ever.


What? What do you mean?!!!

Where, why, who and when?!!!

You cannot hit and scream!


No, I mean never. Never, never. 

You said hardly ever...

Never, ever, never, ever. 

No, no you said hardly ever...

Never, ever, never, ever, never ever never ever.

No, no, no you said hardly ever!

I said never, I said never:



Take it easy. You’re the one who is screaming here. 

Don’t scream!


Hit the Road Jack

Ray Charles


Hit the road Jack

and don't you come back no more

no more, no more, no more

Hit the road Jack

and don't you come back no more

What you say? 


Oh Woman, oh woman,

don't treat me so mean,

You're the meanest old woman

that I've ever seen.

I guess if you say so

I'm gonna have to pack my things and go

That's right



I love to laugh

I love to laugh

ha ha ha ha

Loud and long and clear

I love to laugh

ha ha ha ha

It’s getting worse every year

The more I laugh

ha ha ha ha

The more I fill with glee

And the more the glee

ha ha ha ha

The more I’m a merrier me

The more I’m a merrier me 



Isley Brothers


You know you make me wanna SHOUT

Kick my heels up and SHOUT

Throw my hands up and SHOUT

Throw my head back and SHOUT

Come on now, SHOUT


Don't forget to say you will

Don't forget to say yeah, SAY YOU WILL

Say it right now baby, SAY YOU WILL

Come on, come on, SAY YOU WILL



Come on now, SAY

Say that you love me, SAY

Say that you need me, SAY

Say that you want me, SAY

You wanna please me, SAY

Come on now, SAY



A Fiesta

Lisa Caruso & Co.


A long long time ago

A man played the piano

He sang of life and love

And things like the weather

In the mornings, he’d walk to town

In the afternoons, we might hang around

If only the nights would last forever

A fiesta, on the weekend

A fiesta, feels like spring

A fiesta, it’s so very good for you

A fiesta, with lots of food

A fiesta, there’s so much to do

Today, it will be tomorrows news

The party grows as the moon sits high

A sweet romance makes the weeks fly by

We sing and dance

The band plays the music

We love this time of year

A few days of village cheer

We love the month of fiesta




Running around in the playground

Lisa Caruso & Co.


I got out of bed, it was sunny, it was warm

I walked to the park and swung on the swings

My grandma, she said to take a ball and some drinks

And don’t forget your jumper it gets coolunder the trees


What a lovely day, it’s baking hot

Still there is a cool breeze, 

It’s not raining cats and dogs

It’s a little windybut that means I can fly my kite

I love it when it’s breezy but it makes my grandma sleepy


Running around in the playground

Sitting in the sand pit making snow balls

Running around in the playground

Making lots of friends

before it gets cold and we need to go


It turned coldreally fast, so we started to pack up

And then it started sprinkling, it got chillyreally quickly

I asked my grandma will it stormand then lightning struck

We have shelter now it’s raining

Oh my gosh, now it’s hailing!

Then it stops...

What a lovely day….




It’s clearing up, can we stay? Can we stay? 

Foggydays are over; can we run around and play?





Plate, fork, knife, spoon

Jullie Doolie


It’s lunchtime, it’s time to cook 

Open up your cook book

or look it up on the internet 

how to cook a Spanish omelette 


Wash potatoes, Peel potatoes, Chop potatoes 

Fry potatoes , Beat eggs, Pour on the pan 

And flip the omelette if you are able 

then we set the table 


Plate, fork, knife, spoon

Cup, glass, a napkin for me and you

Plate, fork, knife and spoon

Clean them up and say: “Thank you, I am full!” 


It’s dinnertime, it’s time to cook 

Open up your cook book
or look it up on google
how to cook Chinese noodles 


Let noodles boil , Measure oil , Weigh veggies 

Mix spices, Melt butter, Grate ginger 

Then flip the noodles if you are able 

and then we set the table 





Annoying Things and Nice Things

Jullie Doolie


I take a walk and what do I see?

all these things annoying me

loud noises everywhere

people who just don't care

stinky smells are here and there

floating in the air

Life isn't always fair!


Because you are punished for something you didn't do

you are hit and pushed, kicked too

you are interrupted by people shouting Boo!


Don't forget the nice things

holidays and travelling

going to playgrounds

amusement parks, merry-go-rounds

going to restaurants to eat delicious food

to put you in a good mood


But then you see rude eaters burp

it really gets on your nerves

and you get too much homework

so your head starts to hurt

tired of waiting

for nice things


Life isn't always amazing!

Because you are left out for being too shy

you are laughed at when you cry

you are forced to eat another pie, ay ay ay!




One Moment to the Next

Jullie Doolie


One moment you are singing in the rain 

the next you feel a lot of pain 

or you are sick with flu

but then you feel healthy and new 


Or you are happy and cheerful

but then you feel grumpy and awful 

or you are worried out of your mind 

but then you feel relaxed and fine 


You’ll never know exactly what life will bring

or what kind of mood you’ll be in
Like a roller coaster up and down
life spins you around


One moment you are full of excitement 

the next you feel lonely with no friend 

or you think your stomach is full 

and then you are hungry like a wolf 


Or you feel pity for all creatures

but then no compassion for your own sister 

embarrassed and ashamed for your words 

but then you feel on top of the world 




One moment you are just having fun 

the next you are jealous of someone 

or you are nervous with sweaty palms 

but then you feel perfectly calm 


or you are in love head over heels 

but then you say no when he kneels 

or you feel anger and hate

but then surprised that you feel great