scenes - 7 years old


Theatre 1:

“To the airport” 

Kid 1: I’m so excited. I love travelling!

Kid 2: Me too! I can’t wait to get away!

Kid 3: Argh! I don’t want to go!

Kids 4 & 5: Why?

Kid 3: I get dizzy on airplanes.

Kid 4: I have a pill for that.

Kid 5: How are we going to the airport?

Kid 1: I hate trains!

Kid 2: I hate buses!

Kid 3: Argh! I don’t want to go.

Kid 4: We can take a taxi to the airport!

Kid 5: (Looks at watch) Let’s go or we’ll be late!

       At the airport.

Kid 1: Where is the ticket office? (All kids look around)

Kids 2 & 3: (Pointing) Look, look, it’s over there! (All kids run to that side)

All kids: No, it’s not here! (All kids look around)

Kids 4 & 5: (Pointing) Look, look, it’s over there! (All kids run to that side)

All kids: No, it’s not here! (All kids look around)

Kids 1, 2 & 3: (Pointing) Look, look, it’s over there! (All kids run to that side)

All kids: 1 ticket please!

Kids 4 & 5: (Look at flight time) Oh no! The plane is on time! We’re late!

All kids run.

All kids: Fiew! The plane is delayed! Let’s wait!

Kids sit down tired.


Theatre 2:

“Presents aren’t Important” 

Kid 1: It’s my Birthday! Lot’s of presents for me!

Parent: Presents aren’t important! Remember to be polite!

       There’s a knock knock at the door….

Kid 1: Yay! Presents! (Runs to answer the door)

Parent: Remember! Be polite!

       KID 1 opens the door.

Kids 2,3,4: Happy Birthday!

Kid 1: Hello! Presents?

Parent: Don’t be rude!

Kid 1: Sorry! Presents please?

Kid 2: Here’s your present!

Kid 1: Let’s see! (opens present) A weak zombie? I wanted a strong super hero!

Parent:Don’t be rude! Say thank you!

Kid 1: Thank you (rolls eyes) Next!

Kid 3: Here’s your present.

Kid 1: Let’s see! (opens present) A scared mouse? I wanted a brave lion!

Parent: Don’t be rude! Say thank you!

Kid 1: Thank you (rolls eyes) Next

Kid 4: No presents for you! You are a bad friend, I wanted a good friend!

Parent: I told you: be polite!

Kid 1: I’m sorry! 


Theatre 3:

“A Monster In My House!”

Kids: Oh no! It’s raining! Let’s go inside!

Kids walk come home, but find the door is locked...

Kids: What? The door is locked. Knock knock!

Monster: Yes?

Kids: Open the door! It’s our house!

Monster: Haha! No it’s my house, my window, my sofa. Hah!

Kids: You are a rude and greedy monster!

Monster: Yes. I am rude and greedy, haha! And this is my house!

Kid 1: Let’s look for help!

Kid 2: Excuse me giant. Can you help?

Kid 3: There is a rude and greedy monster in our house.

Giant: A rude and greedy monster? I’m not strong. I am weak.

Kid 1: Ok, Let’s look for more help!

Kid 2:  Excuse me prince. Can you help?

Kid 3: There is a rude and greedy monster in our house.

Prince: A rude and greedy monster? I’m not brave. I am scared.

Kids: Oh no…

Bee: Don’t worry. I will help you. Hey rude and greedy monster! Go away!

Monster: What? A bee? Hahahaha!

Bee: Go away or….

Monster: Hahahaha! A weak little bee, hahahaha!

    The bee flies inside and stings the monster on his bottom and the monster runs            away in pain...

Monster: Oouuuch!!!!

Kids: Thank you, bee! You are brave! Here, take some honey!

Bee: Mmmm, delicious! Thank you. That’s generous!


Theatre 4:

“4 Short sketches”

Tough Love

boyfriend: hello honey

girlfriend: hello sweetheart

b: did you have a good day?

g: no. not really

b: what happened?

g: I had a terrible day!!! (Screaming)

b: wow! I heard that!!! tell me why.

g: I was late for work, my phone got stolen and my hair looks terrible!!!

b: oh! no big deal!

g: what? excuse me?

b: I mean, I gotta go….I forgot something important

g: yeah! sure! whatever! just go away!


Funny Doctor

Surgeon: Hello

Patient: Hello doctor.

S: Are you ready for the operation?

P: Yes Doctor. It won’t be too dangerous right?

S: Well… it is a complicated operation.

P: What?!?

S: We will have to take out many bones…

P: Take them out???!!! What are you talking about?

S: Hahaha! Just kidding! Making jokes is more relaxing. Isn’t it?

P: ..yeah! I’m SO relaxed now! Thanks! (ironic)


Who is the Master?

Servant: Hello! Hello! Wake up! Wake up! (very mean)

Master: Oh! I’m sorry, did I fall sleep?

S: Yes! It’s not time to sleep! Wake up!

M: Could I bother you?

S: What do you want?

M: Sorry, are you busy?

S: Yeah! I’m chatting on my phone.

M: I’m thirsty, can you bring me a cup of tea?

S: Pfff……. right now? No. Stand up.

M: Of course. (Servants sits on sofa and puts his feet up)

S: ahh…… much better…

M: I’m thirsty, can you bring me a cup of tea?

S: Here, drink this! (Throws a cup of water to master’s face)

M: You know what? I’m tired of this. You are fired.

S: You can’t fire me.

M: Yes I can! I’m the boss, you’re the employee. I’m the master you are the servant.

S: Ahhh! I’ll go work for someone nicer.

M: Whatever…


Mean Movie Star

Fan: Oh my God! Oh my God! It’s really you!

Mean Movie Star: Amazing? Isn’t it? (Ironic)

F: YOU are amazing! THIS is amazing!

MMS: ok ok, let’s make this quick..

F: Of course! Can you sign an autograph?

MMS: pffff… whatever…

F: Oh my God! Oh my God!! Thank you!! (Hugs star)

MMS: Next!


Theatre 5:

“Time Machine Craze”


Kid 1: Hey guys! Let’s try my new time machine. I invented it this week.

Kid 2: Let’s go back to last month. Back to summer!

Kid 3: Good idea, today it’s starting to rain!

Kid 4: Let’s go back to the past!

(Ss spin around & land in a strange place…)

Kid 1: Hey! Where are we?

Kid 2: This isn’t the beach! There’s no sand or sea!

Kid 3: Or people! Shhh, what’s that sound?

Kid 4: It’s coming from over there! (points)

Kids 1 & 2: A dinosaur! Run!

Kid 3: To the time machine!

Kid 4: Let’s try again!

(Ss spin around & land at the beach…)

All: This is much better!

Kid 1: The beach, ice cream!

Kid 2: But I want to be older!

Kid 3: Let’s go forward to next year!

Kid 4: No! Let’s go to the future!

(Ss spin around & pretend they’re in a nursing home & talk like old people)

All: Oh no!

Kid 1: I have no teeth!

Kid 2: I’ve got a hunchback!

Kid 3: My hair is white! I don’t remember yesterday!

Kid 4: Let’s go back home!

(Ss spin around & check themselves to see if they’re ok)

All: Fiew! We’re back!


Theatre 6:

“Don’t be a cry baby!”


       (Kid 1 wakes up & walks to the bathroom to find the door closed)

KID 1: Hurry up I’m late for school!

KID 2: (from inside pink door) I was first! You have to wait!

PARENT: Don’t start kids!

KID 1: You always take long in the bathroom!

KID 2: Then wake up early!

KID 1: It’s not fair!

KID 2: Don’t be a cry baby! (Opens the door) All yours (Walks away)

       (Walks into the bathroom & opens the shower tap to feel the water)

KID 1: Mum there’s no hot water left! I can’t have a shower!

KID 2: Don’t be a cry baby! Have one tonight.

PARENT: Kids we don’t have time!

       (KID 1 Goes to wash face & can’t find soap or towels)

KID 1: Arghhh There’s no soap left and no dry towels!

KID 2: Don’t be a cry baby! Wash you face with water!

PARENT: Kids we’re going to be late!

KID 1: Fine! I’m having breakfast! (Goes to the kitchen)

KID 2: (Walks in after a while) Mum where’s the cereal?

PARENT: It finished!

KID 2: What about toast?

PARENT: None left!

KID 2: What?!

KID 1: Don’t be a cry baby! (Walks away looking happy)


Theatre 7:

“The rudest kids at school”


KID 1: I’m so excited they’re coming over!

KID 2: We’re going to be friends with the popular kids!

KID 1: We don’t know that yet…

KID 2: (doorbell rings) That’s them! Pretend to be cool! 

       (Kid 1 walks acting “cool” & opens the door)

KID 1: Hey! What’s up?

Rude Kid 1: Hello… (they stand there for a while)

Rude Kid 2: Can we come in?

KID 2: Of course! This is our house it’s very..

Rude Kid 1: Small, isn’t it?

Rude Kid 2: Is this the living room?

KID 1: Yes! See: the couch, the coffee table, the TV..

Rude Kid 1: That’s the TV? Hah! It’s tiny!

Rude Kid 2: You must need glasses to watch that!

KID 2: Let’s go to the kitchen!

       (They all walk into the kitchen…)

KID 1: Here it is! It’s definitely NOT small!

Rude Kid 1: No! It’s too big!

KID 2: Too big?

Rude Kid 2: And the fridge is too old!

KID 1: You should leave!

Rude Kid 1: What? 

Rude Kid 2: But we are the most popular kids at school!

KID 2: And the rudest!(Shut the door in their face)

RUDE KIDS: How rude! (They walk away)



Theatre 8:

“A true adventure”

A: Where am I?

B: Good morning.

A: Did you hear me? Where am I?

B: Where? At home I guess…

A: No, I see clouds… We are flying…

B: Flying? Let me check. Ahhhhh! It’s true.

A: And now we are in a forest

B: And now we are on top of a mountaaaaiiiin…

A: We are falling. Ouch! We landed on… a corn field!


Theatre 9:

“Not that different”


       (Astronauts are on their space-ship looking for the planet)

ASTRONAUT 1: Helmets on! 


ASTRONAUT 1: Prepared to step on to the blue planet?

ASTRONAUTS: CHECK (They walk out and bump into the aliens.)


ALIENS: We come in peace.

ASTRONAUT 2: They’re lying!

ASTRONAUT 3: They want to eat us!

ALIENS 1: Oh no! We never eat humans for dinner!

ALIEN 2: We prefer them for breakfast!

ALIEN 3: Mmmm Humans on toast! Delicious! (Rubs stomach)

ASTRONAUTS: Ahhhhh! (Start running)

ALIEN 1: Wait! We’re joking!

ALIEN 2: Make a note: Humans don’t joke. (Alien 3 pretends to write it down)

ASTRONAUT 1: Stop that! WE are supposed to study YOU! YOU are different!

ALIEN 3: Why are WE different? You are on OUR planet!

ASTRONAUT 1: You have 3 eyes instead of 2!

ALIEN 1: To see things, like you.

ASTRONAUT 2: You have 4 legs instead of 2.

ALIEN 2: To move around like you.

ASTRONAUT 3: But you are weird and scary!

ALIENS: Hello! (They point to the astronauts)

ALIEN 1: We look different but we are not that different!

ALIEN 2: Please stay and teach us more!

ASTRONAUT 2: (looks at his friends) OK! we’ll stay!

ASTRONAUT 3: Yes, we can’t wait to have aliens for breakfast!


ASTRONAUT 3: Make a note: Humans DO joke.

ALIENS: Fiew! (wipe their foreheads)