scenes 6 years old


Theatre 1:

“I’m glad I’m back”

Child 1: Ahhh!!! I’m so happy to see you!

Child 2: Long time no see!

Child 3: So, how were your holidays?

Child 4: Terrible!

Child 1: That sounds bad!

Child 2: Yeah! No fun at all!

Child 3: What happened?

Child 4: I broke my leg!

Child 1 & 2: Ouch! That hurts!

Child 3: How did you break it?

Child 4: I fell.

Child 1: Oh no! That’s terrible! I got bitten by a dog!

Child 2: Ouch! That’s even worse!

Child 3: Worse? I got stung by a jellyfish!

Child 4: Uuuuu! That really hurts!

Child 1: What about you? Any bad luck?

Child 2: Well… there were no friends to play with…

Child 3: Oh no! I think that’s the worst thing

All: I’m soooo glad I’m back!


Theatre 2:

“Just the way we are”

Kid 1: I wish I wasn’t so tall, I look like a giraffe.

Kid 2: I wish I wasn’t so short, I look like a dwarf.

Kids 3 & 4: We are happy just the way we are.

Kid 1: My hair is too long and curly!

Kid 2: My hair is too short and straight!

Kids 3 & 4: We are happy just the way we are.

Kids 1 & 2: Why are you always so happy?

Kid 3: Because we are healthy! 

Kids 1 & 2: So are we!

Kid 4: and we have family and friends!

Kids 1 & 2: So are we!

Kids 3 & 4: Then you should be happy just the way you are.

       Students think about it….

Kids 1 & 2: You’re right! We are happy just the way we are. 



Theatre 3:

“The Most Important Job”

Teacher: Good morning children!

Kids: Good morning teacher!

Teacher:Today we are talking about sports!


Teacher: Does anyone play sports?

Kids: Me me me!

Teacher: Calm down, calm down. Yes… (Points to ST 1)

Student 1: I love playing tennis! I hit the ball very hard!

Teacher: Good! Yes… (Points to ST 2)

Student 2: I love swimming in the pool! I swim very fast!

Teacher: Great! Yes… (Points to ST 3)

Student 3: I love ice-skating. I spin on the rink!

Teacher:Wow! What about you? (Points to ST4)

Student 4: I like sports…. but I’m not good.

Teacher: That’s not true!

Student 4: I can’t hit the ball or swim fast or skate. I can’t do anything! (Covers face crying)

Student 1: You cheer the best when I play tennis!

Student 2: and when I swim!

Student 3: and when I skate!

All Students: You are good at cheering!

Teacher:And that’s the most important job!

Student 4: Really? Thanks!


Theatre 4:

“Bad choice, teacher!” 

Teacher: Today we are talking about professions.

Kids: Not again!!!

Teacher: Ok, calm down! I chose the perfect job for you!

Kids: What? That’s illegal!

Teacher: It's just a test.

Kids: Fiuuu! (Wipe forehead)

Teacher: (To KID 1) You could be a hairdresser.

Kid 1: What? But I’m a boy!

Teacher: Who cares?

Kid 1: Boys can’t cut hair!

Teacher: Yes, they can! (To KID 2) You could be a post-woman/man.

Kid 2: No one writes letters!

Teacher: Why?

Kid 2: Hello?! We use e-mails!

Teacher: (To KID 3) you could be an office worker.

Kid 3: No! I want to be an artist!

Teacher: An artist? Why?!

Kid 3: So I can paint graffiti everywhere!

Teacher: Ok I give up. For homework: 1000 words on professions.

Kids: Nooooo!!!!