games - 6 years old


Blackout: You will need something to hide for this game. Students line up facing the wall and close their eyes. The teacher turns the lights off and hides the object somewhere around the class. On the teachers signal the students turn around and scream: “blackout!” and walk around the class in the dark trying to find the hidden post-it. Whoever finds it must say: “FOUND IT!”.

Description tag: all students stand against the wall and the teacher chooses one student to be “it”. This student must say: “Run if you have Short hair, long hair, etc.” The students that fit that description must run around the class and escape from “it”. The aim of the game is for “it” to try and tag as many students as they can in a limited time set by the teacher. 

Rugby groups: The teacher explains to the students that sometimes rugby players huddle during the game and that this also happens in American football, which is a bit similar to rugby. Students must move around the class and the teacher will call out: “Rugby groups of 3” and students must get into groups of that number and huddle together, by linking their arms over each other’s shoulders to form a circle. The teacher will change the number each time and whoever is left out of a group or has the incorrect number in their group is eliminated.

I will cure you: The teacher chooses one student to be the “doctor” and they stand on the other side of the class. The rest are patients and they say: “doctor doctor, my arm/finger/leg, etc hurts”. The doctor must try and tag as many patients as they can on that body part. When a patient is tagged they must sit down.