games - 5 years old


I like/ I don’t like: The teacher will explain that students must stand up and put on a happy face if they LIKE doing one of the hobbies or SIT DOWN and put on a sad face if they DON’T LIKE doing them. The teacher will say: “I like (HOBBIE)” or “I don’t like (HOBBIE)”.

Make me laugh: the students get into a circle on the floor with one student in the middle. The aim of the game is for the student in the middle to try and get the rest to laugh BUT the actual student who is acting CANNOT laugh. The students must say: “Make us laugh”. Swap the student in the middle and play try a couple of rounds.

Blow the bubbles: You will need 2 bubble blowers to play this game. The students get into 2-3 lines. On the teachers signal: “Blow your bubbles” the first student must make a bubble and then use the bubble blower to hold it and take it to the end of the class without it popping. If the bubble pops they must STOP and blow another bubble and their teammates must shout: “Blow your bubble”. When they get back to the line and pass it on to the next student they must also say: “Blow your bubble”.

Who’s the cook: You will need a chef’s hat to play this game. All of the students stand against the wall. One student stands in the middle of the classroom with their back facing the other students and holding the chef’s hat. On the teachers signal that student must throw the hat backwards and one of the other students must grab it and hide it behind their back. The student must then turn around and the other students will shout out: “Who’s the cook?”. The student will get three guesses and must say: “You’re the cook” when guessing.