games - 4 years old


Fly to a different country: You will need to make some paper airplanes before-hand. The students get into two groups in the middle of the class. Each group must choose the name of a country and the teacher will write that name in one corner of the class. The students must throw a paper airplane to their country and get it inside the corner, while saying: “FLY TO …” 

Daily Routines TPR: Go over the following actions and mime them with the children before starting to play: Wake up, Eat breakfast, Drink milk, Wash your face, Brush your teeth, Read a book, Go to sleep. Once you have gone over all of the actions you will act out the scene in order while saying what you are doing. After a few times, you can alternate doing the actions slow and then fast, etc...

Follow with your chin: The students dance around the class and on the teachers signal or if you are playing music, when the music stops the teacher must shout: “Follow (STUDENT NAME) with your chin” and all of the students must start following that student with their chin leading their body. The teacher then plays music again and repeats the same thing but this time with their lips and the student must puck out their lips so they are leading their body with their lips. Keep playing and use different body parts. 

Are you at home Grandma?: You will need old grandparents dress-up clothes for this game. One student is the GRANDCHILD and stands facing the wall while the other students stand on the other side of the class. The teacher must scatter the dress up clothes around the classroom floor. The GRANDCHILD will say: “Are you at home grandma?” facing the wall and then turn around. The students must move towards the GRANDCHILD, while trying to put on a dress-up item and when the GRANDCHILD turns around they must freeze! Whoever gets to the other side wearing grandma’s clothes must say: “Yes I am” and it will then be their turn to be the GRANDCHILD.