scenes - 3 years old


Theatre 1:

“A trip to the supermarket”

Mom: Let’s go to the supermarket.

Kids: Yes! Candy!

Mom: No candy! We need food.

Kids: Ok!

Mom: How should we go?

Kid 1: By airplane (Acts out an airplane) 

All: But it’s next door!

Kid 2: By bicycle. (Acts out riding a bicycle)

All: But it’s next door!

Kid 3: By boat. (Acts out a boat)

All: But it’s next door!

Kid 4: By bus. (Acts out a bus)

All: But it’s next door!

Kid 5: By car. (Acts out a car)

All: But it’s next door!

Mom: Ahh! Forget it! Let’s walk!

Kids: Yipee…


Theatre 2:

“ Cheeky Children ”

Mum and kids are waiting in line at the supermarket.

Kid 1: I can spin!

Kid 2: I can run!

Mum: Please stand still! (Angry)

Kid 1: I can walk like a dinosaur! Roar!!

Kid 2: I can jump like a frog! Ribbit ribbit!

Mum: Please stand still! (Angry)

Kids: Ok! Ok!

Kids sit down giggling.

Mum: What are you doing? (Angry)

Kids: Sitting down!

Mum: Stand up!

Kids stand up and start jumping up and down

Mum: I said stand still!

Kids: Toilet pleaaaaase!!!

Mum: Ahhh!


Theatre 3:

 “ A trip to the zoo ”

Mum: Let’s go to the zoo!

Kids: Yes the Zoo!

Mum: Look Kangaroos! (Points)

Kids: Long ears! (Gesture ears)

Mum: Look a giraffe!

Kids: Long neck (Gesture neck)

Mum: Look monkeys!

Kids Long arms and legs! (Gesture arms & legs)

Mum: Look lions!

Kids: A big mouth! (Scared)

Mum: Look snakes! 

Kids: Snakes? Aaaaaaaaah! (Run away)


Theatre 4:

“Candy Time”

Grandpa: Lunchtime!

Kids:  Candy candy!

Grandpa: No candy! Eat your lunch!

Kids: Yes grandma/pa. (Eat their lunch)

Grandpa: Playtime!

Kids: Candy candy!

Grandpa: No candy! Go and play!

Kids: Yes grandma/pa ( Play)

Grandpa: Naptime!

Kids: Candy candy!

Grandpa: No candy! Go to sleep!

Kids: Yes grandma/pa. (Lie on the floor & go to sleep)

Grandpa: Time to wake up!

Kids: We’re sleepy!

Grandpa: Candy time!

Kids: Yay! Candy! (Stand up & jump up & down)